Abode Clearances went and quoted a house clearance in Gloucester, on arrival a neighbour gave us access to the property when it was explained to me that the family cat had been left behind. The property was going to be let and the neighbour was feeding the cat in a falling down outbuilding, she had contacted two major animal charities who did not want to know. I also contacted one of the main animal charities and got the same reply, “cats are free to roam”. I arranged with the neighbour that i would return the next day and try and catch a very scared cat.

I returned with a cat basket and with luck the neighbour had coaxed the cat into the house with food and i was able to catch it. I made a call to an independent local animal charity to whom we donate blankets and towels.
They said they would take the cat in, no problem. They are called TECKELS based at Whitminster on the A38.

The neighbour said she could not believe that a house clearance company was going to be the answer to her dilema for the rescue of Ben the cat.

All in a days work!

Paul Scawn
Abode Clearances Ltd.

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