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Registered Licensed Waste Carriers Gloucestershire

licensed waste carriers gloucestershire

We are committed to recycling as much as we can.

Whenever possible, we use licensed recycling companies.  We sort through all items and then take to several recycling centres depending on what sort of materials/items we have to move on.

Many people expect us to throw most of the items we collect in to landfill, this is not the case.  For a start, landfill is getting more and more expensive for us to use and does not make financial sense for us.  We would rather sort through all items and reduce the cost to ourselves and our customers.

There are times when we have no option other than to send to landfill, not everything can be recycled.

Abode Clearances Limited service work throughout Gloucestershire and includes full and part clearances from a few items to entire contents. We put a lot of emphasis on recycling and are licenced recycled waste carriers.

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